Step One: Application
680+ FICO Credit Score*

The first step towards funding your business starts with applying to Fundwise Capital. We’ll take a look at your credentials, including your credit score and income documents. 

This is a free, no obligation pre-approval process. If you qualify, we’ll schedule your free consultation with one of our team members.
*If your credit score is not above 680, and you don't have a cosigner with a 680+ credit score, we have some additional options for you (we just need a little more info).Click here for a quick 60 second questionnaire to see what you qualify for
Step Two: Consultation
Find out what kind of funding you qualify for. Your options might include:
  •  0% interest on loans
  •  Revolving lines of credit
  •  Traditional lines of credit
  •  Term loans
  •  SBA loans
  •  Unsecured funding
Upon qualifying, we’ll schedule an appointment between you and one of our team members to discuss the best funding options for your growing business. These options will include unsecured funding options, ranging from traditional to revolving lines of credit, which typically have an interest rate of 0%.
Step Three: Get Funded
Time to get funded. Your personal funding manager will walk you through the process of applying to the right banks and leveraging for the best interest rates. 

This is our bread and butter. On a daily basis, our team is checking bank rates, interest rate deals, and credit trends to help you secure the cheapest money possible to grow your business. 

Your funding manager will walk you through the process to:
  •  Help you apply to the right banks (applying to the wrong banks will cause too many hard inquiry pulls on your credit, which will hurt your credit score)
  •  Leverage your credit for the best interest rates
  •  Walk you through a repayment plan
Step Four: Post Funding
Call back for questions about:
  •  Using your Customized Funding Plan with your funding manager
  •  Utilizing funding to optimize your business
  •  Minimizing interest
  •  Finding more ways to cash out your money
  •  Setting up an entity
  •  Building business credit
  •  Accessing your “growth portal” with training videos to help you leverage your funds
Get Started
Fundwise Capital helps entrepreneurs, startups, small business owners 
and real estate investors secure the best funding they can qualify for, guaranteed.
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